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James Gateway to Infinity

On the web, your books can be made available while occupying no physical space at all: a humble aim, surely. […] When I was a journalist, I had always thought that an individual piece was like an individual poem: if it was well enough done, it deserved to live. On the web, nothing need disappear. […] As many lone bloggers have already found, their regular audience is only going to be a handful of people like them. Some of the handful are in Iceland or Venezuela, which can be a thrill, but on the whole, no matter how well the bloggers write, if they haven’t got a selling point beyond their own opinions they are digging their own graves under the impression that they are putting up a building. […] The fear that the web necessarily erodes the ability to read is groundless. The web is fundamentally literate, even if at a low level.

In der heutigen Ausgabe der “Times” berichtet Clive James über seine Erfahrungen mit dem Internet. Lesempfehlung.