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Der Indiana-Jones-Bibliothekar

Ã?ber die beiden Filme, in denen ein Bibliothekar auf den Spuren von Indiana Jones wandelt haben wir ja schon im Netbib berichtet.
Jetzt haben die Dreharbeiten für den dritten Teil des Franchises begonnen. Im Regiesessel wieder Jonathan Frakes:

The Librarian: The Curse Of The Judas Chalice opens with a restless Flynn attempting to assimilate back into his career as a librarian at the New York Metropolitan Library after many adventures abroad. Led to New Orleans by strange dreams, he finds himself in the midst of uncovering a conspiracy that involves the notorious vampire, Prince Vlad Dracul. Once again, Flynn must overcome his fears and protect one of the world’s most sacred artifacts, the Judas Chalice, or face the consequences of it falling into the wrong hands. Newhart returns as Judson, who once having been a librarian, now serves as head of the library. Curtin comes back as Charlene, the extremely serious-minded, no-nonsense personnel director for the Library.

Die beiden vorherigen Filme waren für den Sender TNT recht quotenbringend. Von daher kein Wunder, dass man in Zeiten von “Indiana Jones 4” und “Die Mumie 3” nun einen dritten Teil dreht.