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Schöner Vorsatz

Ein schöner Film über den Vorgang des Marmorierens von Papier. In eBook-Zeiten benötigt man das natürlich auch immer weniger…[via Kraftfuttermischwerk]

Seyit UYGUR { Ebru Artist } from Oguz Uygur on Vimeo.

Thank y'all so much for the likes, comments and the follows. I am really humbled.

My parents perform this art (Ebru in Turkish, Paper Marbling in English) and the footage was shot for a promo piece ( I was working on back then and my dad asked me to put a video together for him. This is what came out of that.

For those who is wondering how it's done I'd recommend googling "Paper Marbling" there is plenty of info out there.

The song is "Charlotte Mittnacht" by DeVotchka

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