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R. David Lankes: One little lecture

“One of my favorite parts of the school year is the hooding we do for newly minted MLIS grads in the spring and fall. I’ve gotten into a tradition of giving one last little lecture at each. I created a video of this year’s for those who couldn’t make it, and am sharing it widely.

[via Stephen’s Lighthouse]

Wer sich noch mehr für das Konzept interessiert, das dahinter steckt, möge im Atlas of New Librarianship blättern!

Important and ongoing conversation …

R. David Lankes zur Debatte, wie wir unsere Kunden, Leser/innen, Mitglieder etc. nennen wollen:

“This is an important and ongoing conversation that bounces back and forth around terms like users, patrons, customers, members, and the like. To some this may seem like a trivial conversation. To me, however, words matter.”

Er argumentiert leidenschaftlich gegen den Gebrauch von “Kunde” und würde sich eher für “Mitglied” entscheiden.

The Future is About Knowledge Not Information

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