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What costs more? – Ein Quiz zu Zeitschriften(mond)preisen

Neu: Journals4Free

Eine neue Konkurrenz für das Directory of Open Access Journals (DOAJ) ist das Journals4Free (hat auch eine Facebook-Fanpage):

“Journals for Free is a directory of open access journals and journals with some kind of open access to their materials.

Journals for Free has now more that 8,000 open access journals and plans to be the most complete list of its kind by December 2012, with 10000 titles: in the first phase, we will include all open access journals indexed in the most recognized reference databases (PubMed, Scopus and ISI Master databases); in a later phase, other journals will be added.

Journals for Free has a broad definition for what open access journals are:

  • journals that provide free documents immediately upon publication, with no delay;
  • journals with free information after a delay (embargo period);
  • journals with free information for a certain period in the past.

If you like Journals for Free, here’s what you can do to support us:

  • use it, use it, use it frequently;
  • promote it among your friends, contacts, colleagues;
  • put a link to Journals for Free on your website;
  • find errors and inaccuracies and let us know about it, so we can correct/complete data;
  • become a sponsor: right now, we rely on Google Adsense (we receive a few cents each time someone clicks on ads on the website) to pay our expenses: domain registration, server, cups of coffee and butter cookies to help us work during the night… but we are looking for sponsors. Let us know if you want to become one or know some firm which does!”

Was mich anbelangt: Ein Ersatz für das schmerzlich vermisste Open-J Gate, ein umfangreiches indisches Portal von Open Access-Journals, das nicht wieder neu aufgesetzt wurde. [via Roddy MacLeod aka @libram]