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Power Hours Workshop Programme: Google Guru und Konsorten

<![CDATA[So eine Art Guerilla-Infomations-Kompetencing,

“The Power Hours programme offers a range of one hour workshops aimed at enhancing information, research, study and IT skills. Choose from a variety of topics – from finding information online to preparing for exams and from essay writing to coping with stress. Delivered by a range of staff from across the University, the workshops are a great way to improve your skills to get the most from your studies.”

bei dem vor allem die Aussage interessant ist

“Most workshops are held at 12.15-13.15 or 16.15-17.15, with many repeated throughout the Semester.”

und auch die Feststellung:

“You have 12 new topics to choose from this Semester.”

Tolle Themen!

  • Be Prepared! The Exam Survival Guide
  • Citing & Referencing
  • Citing & Referencing (Harvard)
  • Critical Thinking & Evaluation
  • Critical Reading of a Journal Paper
  • EndnoteWeb
  • Get Active. Eat Well. Study Effectively
  • Get Organised
  • Google Guru
  • How to Manage Stress
  • How to Stop Putting Things Off
  • Let’s Get it Online
  • Literature Searching/Review
  • Making the Most of Your Academic Mentor
  • Maximising the Impact of Your Research
  • Mindmap with MindGenius
  • Powerpoint for Posters
  • Poster Presentation
  • Powerpoint for Presentations
  • Presentation Skills
  • Report Writing
  • Stay Focused for Study: The Role of Posture in Concentration
  • Style in Academic Writing
  • Teamworking
  • The Write Stuff
  • Time Management
  • Tips for Effective Study
  • Understanding Turnitin
  • Word: Add a Bit of Style
  • Word: Divide and Conquer Your Page Layout
  • Word: Links, Footnotes and Captions
  • Writing a Literature Review

Die Herriot Watt University Library, deren Homepage dieses Programm entnommen ist, gehört ganz bestimmt zur Spitze der Informationskompetenzvermittlung, in Themen und Methoden. Lange Zeit bot sie auch einen Newsletter an, den Internet Resources Newsletter, der ebenfalls hervorragend war…]]>