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#cyc4lib The New Nordic international tour in 2015!

“1-10 September 2015, the Cycling for libraries -unconference will be taking librarianship on the move for the fifth time. The theme is New Nordic and the tour will take us from the fjords of Oslo in Norway, along the west coast of Sweden until we’ll arrive in Aarhus, Denmark, right in time for Next Library conference and the opening of Dokk1. Along the way we will be visiting academic, public and special libraries and discussing library issues. Everyone working in libraries or in some way involved with librarianship, and all library lovers are welcome in this event.”


Auf die parallel verlaufende am 06.06. gestartete Cyclo-biblio 2015 — a local Cyc4lib tour in Switzerland and France hatten wir schon hingewiesen!

Cycling for libraries, day 1

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Cycling for libraries is a politically and economically independent international unconference and a bicycle tour starting from Copenhagen, Denmark to Berlin, Germany May 28. –June 6. 2011. The event takes place for the first time in 2011 in cooperation with the German, Danish and Finnish library professionals. The purpose of the Cycling for libraries is to gather a group of 100 library professionals all around the world together to cycle a total of approximately 650 kilometers and to discuss the strategic issues of the library field in seminars along the route. Cycling for libraries is an independent event, not organized by any existing formal organization. It is made possible by a sovereign, international network of library enthusiasts.