Singapur erstes Bookcrossing-Land

For a start, Singapore â?? the first country to embrace this movement on a national basis â?? will release 4,000 books at over 2,000 hotspots, which include 10 selected Cafe Cartel and 13 Cafe Galilee outlets. […] Launching this yesterday in collaboration with, the chief executive officer of the National Library Board (NLB), Dr N Varaprasad said: “This is an initiative that aims to promote a self-sustaining learning community in Singapore, through proactively encouraging Singaporeans to read and share.”

Mehr Informationen über die Aktion liest man bei TODAYonline oder bei Bookcrossing natürlich. Sozusagen der Tag des Buches aber jeden Tag – wäre sicherlich auch mal etwas, was hierzulande interessant wäre.