Comparing xISBN and thingISBN

William Denton vom FRBR Blog hat einen kleinen Vergleich zwischen OCLCs xISBN und LibraryThings thingISBN durchgeführt. (Vgl. auch hier.) Sein Ergebnis:

If you have an ISBN in hand and want to find ISBNs of other manifestations of the same work, use both thingISBN and xISBN.

Tim Spalding, der Erfinder von LibraryThing und thingISBN, kommentiert dies treffend:

Considering that OCLC has a BILLION records, some 1,200 employees and more left-handed, green-eyed, vegetarian software engineers than LibraryThing has employees, we’ll take the tie. And, of course, it’s not because our engineers are smarter. It’s because social collaboration is a powerful thing.