Who needs a CIO?

fragt hübsch provozierend Chris Anderson in dem nach Andersons berühmter These benannten Blog “The Long Tail”:

The users want a dumb pipe, preferably at gigabit speed. They neither need or want the university to administer their email, wikis, blogs, video storage or discussion groups. They want it to simply get out of their way.

No wonder that the prevailing discussion among the university CIOs was about “relevance”. Users no longer value what they do. It doesn’t require a “C” title to keep fat pipes to the wide-open Internet open. A zillion free hosted services on the web have replaced the functionality of the IT departments service by service, just as minerals replace the cells in dinosaur bones. Talk of extinction was in the air, and rightly so.

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  1. Juergen

    provozieren … nun ja: CIO hin, dumb pipe her – etwas Strategie darf bitte schön sein. Der Administrator bestimmt sonst, wie die IT der Einrichtung aussieht, welche Services es gibt. Und der hat selten einen Nerv für die Anforderungen der User.