Probleme mit DRM

Iâ??m trying to be legal and buy video through iTunes (although I did also grab a couple of TV episodes they are offering for free), but the legal video wonâ??t play. My ripped DVD is fine, as are the video podcasts. Itâ??s only the stuff Iâ??ve paid for that displays a black screen and no video. […] Iâ??ve tried deauthorizing my laptop, restoring the iPod to its defaults, and reauthorizing my laptop, but nothing works. Iâ??ve been to the Apple store twice, only to be told that they canâ??t do anything and I need to call AppleCare. Which I get to do once. After that, they will charge me for support to fix the various video files I bought from them that wonâ??t work on their device that I bought. Yes, Iâ??m limited to one phone call, like a prisoner in a jail cell.

Der Beitrag des Shifted Librarian im Rahmen des Days against DRM, der gestern stattfand, ist sehr lesenwert.