‘Tags’ ease sifting of digital data

Anick Jesdanun, “Internet Writer” bei AP (Netbib über Jesdanun; weitere Artikel von Jesdanun) hat einen interessanten Artikel über Tagging geschrieben, ‘Tags’ ease sifting of digital data. AbschlieÃ?end kommt in dem Artikel mit Geneva Henry auch eine Kritikerin des Tag-Trends zu Wort:

Of course, tagging has its drawbacks, and some Webophiles aren’t quite convinced it will evolve into the Next Big Thing.
Consider classifications for a common pet.
“If one group decides we’re going to call them ‘canine,’ another ‘dog,’ another ‘puppies,’ … when someone goes to search for what they call the dog, they are not going to pick up everybody’s tagged instances,” said Geneva Henry, executive director of the Digital Library Initiative at Rice University.