Volle Bibliotheken

sind am 11. September 2004 in den USA zu erwarten. Das September Project will dafür sorgen: “On the weekend of September 11th, 2004, The September Project will organize multiple public spaces where citizens can participate collectively and think creatively about our country, our government, and our media, and bring forth the well-informed voice of the American citizenry.
Libraries are ideal hosts for such public and nationally-distributed events. Libraries provide all citizens open and free access to information.
” Schönen Dank an die Handakte für den Hinweis!

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  1. Alex Halavais

    The September Project: An Invitation to Get Involved
    this is not alex, it’s david silver. alex: thank you for letting us in and thanks for lending your brains throughout.

    michael berube rules. his blog entry, written with soul, got Chuck Tryon and E. David Morgen to organize something, offline, in …

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