Elvis-Aufnahme wird zerschnitten

At 11 a.m. today, in a midtown Manhattan music studio, a handful
of record industry veterans will huddle around a reel of tape they say is an original master from the historic 1954 recording debut of Elvis Presley. Then, after a brief introduction, the tape will be chopped to pieces. Thousands of pieces, if all goes as planned. The owner of this tape intends to dice it into two-inch bits, which will then be mounted on framed plaques and sold to fans for $495 apiece.
lesen wir in der Washington Post. Fans sind wütend: „Next they’ll be selling little bits of the Mona Lisa,“ huffed someone identified as Greg on the elvis-collectors.com message board, „or maybe a slice of the U.S. Constitution or the dead sea scrolls.“ Ã?hnliches ist in der Tat miese Praxis auch angesehener Antiquare (wir berichteten).